Sexy Semantic a.k.a. Supreme Overlord (xoraclex) wrote in b00kwh0re,
Sexy Semantic a.k.a. Supreme Overlord

When Food is Love - Geneen Roth

Self help book that is very anti-diet, and deals more with the impact of food issues on intimacy and relationships, and how they are related.

I found this book very helpful because of the information about intimacy, but I did not relate to some of the information about compulsive eating. I'm thinking now that maybe I'm not a compulsive eater, though I still have some issues.

The main idea of this book is that we need to be more self-aware, aware of why we are eating, and more aware of our hunger, our satiety, smells, tastes and textures, because:

dieting turns us into children who can't be trusted around food and need to be told what to do strictly, and punished when we are bad. Further, punishing ourselves for failing is like kicking our inner child instead of hugging them and letting them tell us what is wrong.

If we trust ourselves, and pay better attention to what is really going on, eventually our inner child gets the idea that we can eat whenever we are hungry, and that we are trustworthy, and we can make good, nourishing decisions.

The rest of the information applies to how we treat our hearts/relationships the same way we treat food. It is all about our attitude toward ourselves, and what we feel we deserve.

I found this part very relevant to myself.

Overall, a good book if you have relationship trouble OR food issues, and a very quick read. I read it in one evening.
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