Sexy Semantic a.k.a. Supreme Overlord (xoraclex) wrote in b00kwh0re,
Sexy Semantic a.k.a. Supreme Overlord

The Petting Zoo by Brett Singer

The characters were fascinating, but repellant. They are people I've known, and people that I never wanted to have sympathy for, but I did have sympathy. I'm not sure what I wanted to happen in the end, but the author tells you from the beginning what is going to happen, the book is just a process of finding out how.

Two 20 year olds who have been in love since they were 11. The boy is suicidal, but they never really explain why. The girl is obsessed with him, I think she loves him out of habit because she alternately loves him, hates him, cheats on him, feels terribly guilty, is angry at him for wanting to die and simultaneously wishing for the relief it would bring.

It is set in the late 70's, has sex between practical strangers, drug use in varying degrees.

The guy dies in the end. It sounds like I'm ruining it, but you find out in the beginning.
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