Sexy Semantic a.k.a. Supreme Overlord (xoraclex) wrote in b00kwh0re,
Sexy Semantic a.k.a. Supreme Overlord

Helter Skelter by Vincent Bugliosi

A first hand account of the Manson trial with pictures, interviews, testimony and an inside look into the legal process of the case.

I enjoyed reading the anecdotal accounts and interviews. The pictures were also very thought provoking to me, as they were pictures of kids around my age and younger, most from middle class families, lots of them were former boy scout/prom queen type kids.

The legalese and police work specifics kind of bored me, especially since the book is a million pages long, but it was worth reading. Made me think a lot.

I'm terrified of Charles Manson and LSD now. Thanks Vince!
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