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Petal McMako

Erica Spindler

You know, I think this woman is the very best example of why romance writers should NOT switch genres. She has some great ideas - but talk about over-write! Everything is melodramatic and written in a hushed tone (like newsreaders use to say something dramatic). I just read Cause For Alarm and even though it was a 500pager, I whipped through it in a day. Why? Because by the time I skimmed over the crap (and there was a lot of it), the book was maybe 150 pages of story.

This reviewer from amazon says it all

"...Terrible book-readers should expect more from authors!, July 21, 1999
Reviewer: An Customer
I read this book based on the rave reviews by readers at Amazon. I feel cheated. Readers should expect more from authors. This was a cookie-cutter thriller. It was all wrapped up too nicely. You could see the authors outline at every turn. Golly, we need someone with insight into the lives of professional killers--How about having the wife/husbands best friend be an author? Great idea!

Thrillers should be twisting and page turners, and surprises should happen when you least expect it! To say nothing for the neat and UNCLIMACTIC lousy chapter of a finale--and the COPS shoot him down? Ridiculous!..."

Erica Spindler has great IDEAS, it's such a damn shame she can't write!
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