Sexy Semantic a.k.a. Supreme Overlord (xoraclex) wrote in b00kwh0re,
Sexy Semantic a.k.a. Supreme Overlord

Pen Pals by Olivia Goldsmith

This is a well researched, fictional commentary on the state of today's women's prison system. The characters are well-developed and come to life, being simultaneously likeable, and detestable, and the first half of the book seems to be a pretty realistic display of what prison life is like.

The second half is a fantasy-ride of what you want to happen, and puts the reader more at ease (in that pop-culture sort of way), as the characters come together, beat the system, and in general have a happy ending.

I liked this book, it made me want to get involved in helping women prisoners have a better quality of living, it didn't leave me feeling bad inside (yeah, it's shameful, isn't it?).
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